In my previous positions, I have rarely had to look to budgets when doing online marketing. Mostly because page optimizations and rank improving efforts were done by internal staff but also because we could hire external designers to do whatever we felt liked doing. The faith in social media was strong and with freedom to test came great successes and key learnings.

That is why providing affordable search engine marketing and facebook strategy to help small businesses with marketing has been a strong desire for Brand Studio. Because key learnings have been that social media fans really do want to engage, like, share and give thoughts and feedback online. But only if the environment is well managed and content is serious.

So how to promote small businesses online is a question of knowing your target audience and tailor make your content. If you are selling a fast moving leisure product you must expect the audience to response differently compared to selling luxury sedans.

Think outside the box
I recall a time when I prepared to launch a range of new products. It was just in time for Christmas and would be a limited edition. Instead of making one grand revelation, I decided to cut the process into several pieces. Starting by posting small hints and eventually posting a large black silhouette picture of the new range and asking people to guess which one it was. Getting the rumor mill started and at the same time stating when we would reveal the true identity of the ‘most exciting news for christmas’. One week later, it was time to reveal and it was a great success since many already anticipated it. However, we did not stop there. Most facebook fans like pages in order to enter competitions or get great deals. We decided to do a contest and give away sets of the new products.

Focus on emotions
How did we do it? Instead of focusing on single consumer entries – I wanted a stronger link to facebook friends. The solution was that people would enter by nominating a friend, family member or whoever they thought deserved to be spoiled and we would randomly pick winners. One day later, we had more than 500 comments with just as many tagged people. And the entries far exceeded our expectations by being filled with sweet messages, hearts in abundance and the most positive vibes ever. And it all happened on our company page!

Prioritize online inbound marketing
This example and many more is why I stress that when you ask how to promote small businesses online, Facebook is a central part of any strategy.
It works well with SEO optimization, exposes you to great reach via fans and send leads to your website. The problem with the scenario above is that it involves not only a person who is experienced with social media but also graphic designers. Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of spending additional marketing budget on social media designs. Also, I have yet to come across a company, which offers both SEM and graphic design to back it up. That is why, we decided to team up with Philscan.com to be able to offer the most qualitative and comprehensive inbound marketing packages available online. A perfect package to help small business with online marketing at reasonable prices.

Go to our products page and download our pdf materials or view our explainer video at the front page to learn more; http://brandstudioph.com/portfolio-view/online-marketing-2/

Let’s create great content together.

Contact us today to hear more at info@brandstudioph.com

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