Facebook is free. This is a statement I have heard too many times to count when discussing online marketing or online graphic designs with people. Although the statement is absolutely correct, it does fall short when the implied meaning seems to be – why invest?

Well, why not? Had this been 2012, I would have been tempted to agree and recommend an extra boost in ad words credits or some related channel instead of facebook pages.
But ever since company pages rolled out in 2009, a lot has happened on facebook. The global profile rate has surpassed I billion users and facebook now know more about us than any other company, which is great for advertisers.

Moreover, users are increasingly using facebook on mobile devices and recent stats suggest that 745 mio users worldwide log in via mobile devices daily – and 30% of users solely use Facebook via mobile devices.

Be smart about it
These stats should ring a bell with any enterprise. It means that you can tweak your company pages strategy and effectively target consumers on the go, looking for a wide variety of products.

By using auto-posting software (like postcron) you can target customers on the go. If you own a bar and are too busy around peak hours to tend to social media, well then plan ahead and pre-make posts with great rush our deals to hit your followers at specific times.
Did the sun finally peak out and you know people are out to enjoy it? Grab the opportunity and post a 20% discount to people who say ‘sun’s out’ when ordering coffee at your place. People like original and relevant content on company pages and will reward with likes, comments and purchases.

Being consistent in your use of alternative posting will eventually lead to organic growth of your fan base. And with this come increased exposure and hence it is a must to make sure your company page look the part. Make sure to upgrade all your graphic design elements from banner to posts. Check out our packages which offer exactly this;

On this blog I will share tips, pointers and ideas on a regular basis for you to continuously improve your online presence. Remember that user engagement is key online!


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