2012 was a great year in many respects. We had the Olympics in London, NASA finally landed curiosity on Mars and Psy released gangnam style. 2012 was also unofficially the last year a company could go by with just ‘having’ a company page on facebook. You know those pages where one employee got singled out and via searches through old company pictures and google images stitched together their page.

Take a reality check
Company pages were first introduced in 2009 when they took over from groups and limited attention was paid unless your company logo spelled Coca Cola or your slogan was ‘just do it’. Smaller enterprises focused on tailor targeted ads.

Today the year is 2015 and while curiosity is still driving around the red planet, however, there are no longer any excuses for not having a great looking company page on facebook complete with great graphic designs and a written down strategy. In may 2013 16 million local business pages had been created an increase of 100 % from the year before. This means that your competitors are all there so naturally next step is doing it better than them.

The positive incentive is that facebook company pages are being viewed, and the good ones receive a lot of user engagement. Don’t miss out.

Three must take steps to get your facebook company page up to speed;

• Hire a graphics design company to get the basics looking sharp. Banner, thumbnail picture and 4-5 standard posts you can change easily (like product offers) are a must have.
• Write down a monthly post overview. To organize what, when and why you post what you do. Consider hiring a company to help with facebook marketing strategy inputs. Tailor made facebook packages are offered by some companies (link below)
• Dedicate a person to keep an eye out for questions. User engagement is key and you don’t want to annoy potential customers by not answering.

These three steps can be done with very limited cost effects and without any dedicated marketing staff. So there is no excuse – upgrade your online marketing facebook strategy today – or tomorrow latest if you’re reading this post in the evening.

//BrandStudio PH

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